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Are you planning rooms? This is how you should do according to Vastu Shastra

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General Arrangement of rooms in a house according toVaastu Science

Direction            Propose
Central East    :: Baths, Children
Central South :: Dining, Elder son
Central North :: Storing Money
South-East      :: Kitchen
North-West     :: Granary, Daughter and Guests
North-East      :: Prayer room, Well, Moving water,
Central West   :: Children
South-west      :: The Master

Does opening of door should be in particular direction??
= The clockwise direction of opening of door when you stand inside the house is assumed positive and auspicious. It is also called Paradakshina. This direction is also used while going round temples.

Bathrooms and toilets do always need to be in North-east??
== North-west is related to the primary element air. Placing of toilet in the north-west direction means flushing out of bad odour of toilet and bathrooms, so it is preferred in the north-west

Is it preferred to let tenant live downstairs and masters and owners live upstairs? Why?

According to Brihat Samhita::

A person wishing welfare should not sleep above grains, cows, teachers or elders, fire and deities, nor along the diagonals, nor with the head towards North or west, nor naked with wet fat.  Hence owner staying in the upper floor is preferred.

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