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Check your levelling machine with Two Peg Test.

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Two Peg Test

 The two-peg test is simple test that provides a way to test the accuracy of a level. And thus we can adjust it to remove the error. 

The basic principle it works on is " if you place the instrument exactly midway between two rod sightings, the vertical error reading on the rod is the same for each, thus the difference in reading between the rods will still give you an accurate elevation difference. "

1. Establish 2 points approximately 50 metres apart on level ground
2. Set the level half way between the 2 points.
3. Take the 2 staff readings
4. Move the level as close as possible to one of the peg. Take the 2 staff readings again.
5. If the difference in height is the same the level is okay. If not,the instrument needs to be serviced.
The format for two peg test is::
Two peg or Collimation Test Format

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