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IOE entrance Aptitude Test: Part II (Input devices, Output devices and Operating System)

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1. Input Devices: Input devices are the hardware device that conveys data to a computer, in order to interact with softwares and users in order to make work convincing.

2. Output Devices: The devices which sends information from computer to another device or user in the form of hard-copy or soft-copy are called output devices.

3. CPU: CPU stands for Central Processing Unit which performs most of the processes inside a computer and produces information.


Input device                        Output devices                     Processing Units            

Cameras                                Monitor                                   CPU
Graphics Tablets                   Printers
Video Capturing devices       Plotters
Barcode reader                      LCD Projection Panels
Gamepad                               Speaker
Joystick                                 Headphone
Keyboard                               Film Recorder
Microphone                           Visual Display Unit
Mouse                                    Microfiche
Pen input
Punch Card Reader
MAgnetic ink card reader
MAgnetic tape drive

Both Input and Output Devices

Network Cards
Touch Screen 
FAX (Facsimile)
Sound Cards

4. Operating System::
 An operating system is a software that allows a user to run the applications of a computer providing a medium between hardware and softwares. 
The operating system manages a computer's hardware resources, including:
  • Input devices such as a keyboard and mouse
  • Output devices such as display monitors, printers and scanners
  • Network devices such as modems, routers and network connections
  • Storage devices such as internal and external drives
 Some practice questions::

1. Which of the following is not an example of hardware?
A) Scanner                                                                                          B) Printer
C) Monitor                                                                                          D) Interpreter

2. Which of the following is not an output device?
A) Plotter                                                                                            B) Printer
C) Scanner                                                                                          D) Monitor

3. The most widely used input device is the ____
A) Mouse                                                                                            B) Keyboard
C) Modem                                                                                          D) Monitor
4.The scanning technology, used in banks, to read the numbers at the bottom of checks is
  • A. MICR

  • B. OCR

  • C. OMR

  • D. GRE

5. A mouse,touch screen, and a trackball are all examples of _______________________
  • A. Scanning Device

  • B. Voice-Input Device

  • C. Pointing Device

  • D. Output Device

6. The input device that rolls on a desktop and controls the position of the cursor on then on the screen is called a
  • A. Touch Screen

  • B. Light Pen

  • C. Digitizer

  • D. Mouse

7. ______ shares characteristics with both hardware and software
  • A. Operating system

  • B. Software

  • C. Data

  • D. None

8. The operating system creates _____ from the physical computer
  • A.Virtual space
  • B. Virtual computers

  • C. Virtual device

  • D. None


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