Thursday, May 9, 2019

Relation of an Engineer with Client, Contractor and Fellow Engineers

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The relation between engineer, client, contractor must be a mutual one with full understanding and ethics and moral values.

Engineer's Relation with client:
The relation between client and engineer should strictly be professional, even though the client is closely familiar. There should be no discrimination among  clients based on their color, sex, religion,etc. An engineer must work on the best interest of client with loyalty within legal limit. Engineer should deliver the result on time with quality. Engineer should warn client about the potential risk of certain decisions. Engineer should supervise work and prevent misuse of client's property. Engineer should keep information confidential unless required by law.

Engineer's Relation with Contractor:
There should be strict professional relationship among engineer and contractor even though they are familiar. Engineer should provide due respect to contractor. There should be no discrimination among contractors on the basis of race, religion, region, sex,etc. Engineer should check and approve running bills on time as per specification. Engineer should assist contractor when variations are technically needed. Engineer should warn potential risks of decisions.

Engineer's relation with fellow Engineer:
 There should be professional relationship with all engineers despite of their status and relationship. They should criticize cautiously and objectively with respect to the person's professional status. Their should be professional relationship. They should encourage fellow engineers to follow the code of conduct. They should help, guide and orient graduate engineers. 

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