Sunday, June 9, 2019

Duties and Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer

1. Monitoring and Supervision of Construction works 
2. Supervision of building works from demolishment of existing building to completion of new building including defect liability period; 
3. Prepare working drawings as and when necessary 
4. Monitoring of the civil engineering works 
5. Assessment of technical needs based on site Needs
6.  Checking the Contractor's laboratory facilities for storing,curing and testing samples
7.  Investigating different types of construction materials;
8.Inspecting the quality and efficiency of pre-mix plants, rolling and compacting activities
9. Taking regular samples of aggregates, cement, structural reinforcement and testing
10. Inspecting each construction stage and certifying quality 
11. Commenting on the skill and professionalism of the Contractor's personnel;

12. Checking daily reports and test results from the laboratory.
13.  Assist to prepare interim running bills, final bills, work acceptance and work completion certificate etc. 
14. Work in close coordination with other experts, as and when necessary for the successful implementation of the project 

15. Preparation of Monthly Progress Report

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