Monday, June 10, 2019

World History of Engineering Practices

Journey into Time…. 1200 B.C. – A.D. 1
– Quality of wrought iron is improved
 – Swords are mass produced
– Siege towers are perfected
– Greeks develop manufacturing
– Archimedes introduces mathematics in Greece
– Concrete is used for arched bridges, roads and aqueducts in Rome.

Journey into Time…. A.D 1-1000
• Chinese further develop the study of mathematics
• Gunpowder is perfected
• Cotton and silk manufactured

Journey into Time…. 1000-1400
• Silk and glass industries continued to grow
• Leonardo Fibonacci, a medieval mathematician, writes the first Western text on algebra

Journey into Time…. 1400-1700
• First toilet is invented in England
• Galileo constructs a series of telescopes, with which he observes the rotation about the sun
• Otto von Guerick first demonstrates the existence of a vacuum
• Issac Newton constructs first reflecting telescopes
• Boyle’s Gas Law, stating pressure varies inversely with volume, is first introduced.

Traveling Through the Ages: 1700-1800
• Industrial Revolution begins in Europe
• James Watt patents his first steam engine
• Society of Engineers, a professional engineering society, is formed in London
• First building made completely of cast iron built in England

Traveling Through the Ages: 1800-1825
• Machine automation is first introduced in France
• First railroad locomotive is designed and manufactured
• Chemical symbols are developed, the same symbols used today (Au, He)
• Single wire telegraph line is developed Journey into Time…. 1825-1875
• Reinforced concrete is first used
• First synthetic plastic material is created
• Bessemer develops his process to create stronger steel in mass quantities
• First oil well drilled in Pennsylvania
• Typewriter is perfected Journey into Time…. 1875-1900
• Telephone is patented in the US by Alexander Graham Bell
• Thomas Edison invents the light bulb and the phonograph
• Gasoline engine developed by Gottlieb Daimler
• Automobile introduced by Karl Benz
Traveling Through the Ages: 1900-1925
• Wright brothers complete first sustained flight
• Ford develops first diesel engines in tractors
• First commercial flight between Paris and London begins
• Detroit becomes center of auto production industry

Traveling Through the Ages: 1925-1950
• John Logie Baird invents a primitive form of television
• The VW Beetle goes into production
• First atomic bomb is used
• The transistor is invented

Journey into Time…. 1950-1975
• Computers first introduced into the market, and are common by 1960
• Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite, put into space by USSR
• First communication satellite—Telstar—is put into space
• The U.S. completes the first ever moon landing

Journey into Time…. 1975-1990 •
The Concord is first used for supersonic flight between Europe and the U.S.
• Columbia space shuttle is reused for space travel
• First artificial heart is successfully implanted

Journey into Time…. 1990-Present
• Robots travel on Mars
• The “Chunnel” between England and France is finished
• GPS is used to predict and report weather conditions, as well as many other consumer applications

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